Krichimfrukt Ltd. was established in the year of 2000. In the Republic of Bulgaria the company is a leader in the processing of fruits for the purpose of obtaining fruit juices and concentrates as well as marmalades and jams.

About 90% of our final product – apple and morello cherry concentrate – is produced for our western European partners. The apple marmalade is our most wanted product. Krichimfrukt LTD has at its disposal three independent installations for the production of fruit concentrates, marmalades and jams.

Ever since it was established, the company has been continuously introducing new technologies, which are being upgraded and renewed. What makes Krichimfrukt LTD so successful is the superb quality, which is achieved thanks to the faultless input and output laboratory control of the production.

Our exceptional production is also result of the dedicated highly qualified and motivated employees. Our team at Krichimfrukt LTD is ready to present products of the best quality to our partners by warranting the quality of the process management and compliant with all food safetyis standards.

Our partners in Europe


Our partners in Bulgaria

  • Prestige 96
  • Karmela 2000 Ltd
  • Borsa Ltd
  • Pi- Mi Ltd
  • Ilchovski 94
  • Zdravko Georgiev PERUN-Z
  • Si- Commercial 7