Natural cloudy apple concentrate

The daily intake of fruit juices from natural concentrates helps the body acquire important vitamins, minerals and herbal substances and balances natural fluid loss. Naturally cloudy apple concentrate guarantees its authentic origin with minimal processing of apples during production.

Apple concentrate is the only one that can be combined with vegetable juices. Vegetables and fruits are broken down by different enzymes and therefore should not be mixed. The only exception is the apple, which gives the vegetable juice a pleasant sweet flavor.


Appearance and consistency Cloudy viscose fluid
Colour Amber-yellow
Taste and Flavour Taste- sweet, Aroma- characteristics for the fruit
Additive agents Not allowed
Dry substance / refr. by 20 °С/ Brix %, not less than 70
Molds and yeasts Not allowed
Pathogenic microorganisms Not allowed
Mesophilic anaerobic microorganisms Not allowed
Expiration date 12 months from production date