Natural clear apple concentrate

Concentrated apple juice contains almost all the vitamins and minerals required for the body. High levels of sugars and organic acids help for rapid recovery after physical exertion and increased immunity.

The juice from apple concentrate can be consumed without restrictions in relatively large quantities – up to 1 liter per day. It helps to eliminate toxins from the body. A fresh apple flavor creates the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.


Appearance and consistency Clear viscose fluid
Colour Gold amber-yellow
Taste and Flavour Taste- sweet, Aroma- characteristics for the fruit
Additive agents Not allowed
Dry substance / refr. by 20 °С/ Brix %, not less than 65
Molds and yeasts Not allowed
Pathogenic microorganisms Not allowed
Mesophilic anaerobic microorganisms Not allowed
Expiration date 12 months from production date